We are EarthGen.

EarthGen equips youth to grow their power as changemakers for a healthy environment.

Through EarthGen’s science-based, action-oriented programs, young people gain the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to become leaders for climate solutions and environmental justice.

Tukwila School District students monitored the air quality on their campus as part of EarthGen's Breathing Easier program this summer.
Earth. Action. You!

Earth Month is here and we invite you to learn and take action with EarthGen this April! There are many ways you can get involved (at home or in-person) and support young people to become changemakers for a healthy environment.


What We Do

At EarthGen, we partner with educators and K-12 school communities to facilitate youth-centered, collective solutions for a healthy planet.

3 students look at an air quality meter.

Science Units

EarthGen programs engage students, educators, and school communities in hands-on environmental science projects.

3 students plant a new rain garden

School Certification

K-12 communities take action and earn recognition for their commitment to a healthier, more sustainable campus.

4 teachers sit at a table at a ClimEd training

Professional Development

EarthGen’s seminars and workshops support teachers to engage students in environmental science learning with a focus on solutions.

Earth, we got you.
3 students sit on the ground working with an energy systems model

“We’re taking our knowledge and actions beyond our campus and leaving a positive mark on our community and future generations.”

Green Team Student leader,
Gaiser Middle School
6 students stand next to a newly built raised bed

Together we are preparing the next generation to become changemakers for a healthy environment.